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soundscrape 0.9.0

Scrape an artist from SoundCloud

Latest Version: 0.30.1



SoundScrape makes it super easy to download artists from SoundCloud - even those which don’t have download links! It automatically creates ID3 tags as well, which is handy.


First, install it:

`bash pip install soundscrape `

Then, just call soundscrape and the name of the artist you want to scrape:

`bash soundscrape rabbit-i-am `

And you’re done! Hooray! Files are stored as mp3s in the format Artist name - Track title.mp3.

You can also use the -n argument to only download a certain number of songs.

`bash soundscrape rabbit-i-am -n 3 `


Soundscrape can also download sets, but you have to include the full URL of the set you want to download:

`bash soundscrape `


Soundscrape can also download tracks from SoundCloud groups with the -g argument.

`bash soundscrape chopped-and-screwed -gn 2 `


There’s probably a lot more that can be done to improve this. Please file issues if you find them!

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
soundscrape-0.9.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-01-08 4KB