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spa-sync 0.1.0

Linksys/Sipura SPA IP Phone Sync

Command line tool to sync your Linksys/Sipura SPA IP Phone with contact directories from OSX Contacts, MS Outlook and Highrise. It uses spa-phone-api for communication with the phone.


Installation with pip:

$ pip install spa-sync

Command Line Usage

Update the address book from OS X Contacts. Defaults to sync all contacts, but an optional group paramater can be specified.

$ spa-sync ip-address [--group GROUP]

Notes for Windows

Accessing Outlook (Windows)

To access Outlook on Windows, you need pywin32, which can be downloaded from the py2exe download page. Make sure to download the correct version matching your python version and architecture. To install pywin32 in your virtualenv, install it using easy_install in the activated virtualenv

$ Scripts\activate.bat
(env)$ easy_install [py2win]

Building EXEs (Windows)

To build EXEs on Windows, you need py2exe, which can be downloaded from the pywin32 download page. The same install instructions as pywin32 apply.


Contributions welcome!

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
spa-sync-0.1.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-05-04 5KB