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spadl 0.3

This package provides a standard logging handler which writes log records to DbgLog.

This package provides a standard logging handler which writes log records to DbgLog.

You are probably not interested in this library unless you are working for

A spadl.DbgLogHandler class implemented in this package allows you to use and write code that uses the standard Python logging and at the same time utilize DbgLog.


SPADL can be installed using pip (or easy_install) from PYPI:

$ pip install spadl

Alternatively you can download and extract tarball and install the package manually:

$ python install

Placing the package somewhere on the PYTHONPATH should also work.

Example usage

DbgLog distinguish severities of log records with same level. Message can be logged for example as D4 (important debug) or E1 (minor error). So the spadl.DbgLogHandler maps logger names to these severities.

There is spadl.configure function defined which simplifies logging configuration. So the basic usage can be similar to:

import spadl
    # Log records from the 'app' logger and its children will
    # be logged using the highest severity (D4, I4, W4, E4, F4).
    'app': 4,
    # But log records from the 'app.request' (and its children)
    # will be logged using a lower severity (D3, I3, W3, E3, F3).
    'app.request': 3,
    # Another severity for another loggers.
    'rpc': 2,
    # Log records from the 'db.sql' logger will be ignored.
    'db.sql': 0,
    # Specification of the default severity. If was not present here then
    # the default behaviour would be to ignore records from unknown loggers.
    '': 1,

# Now use logging normally.'This will be recorded by DbgLog.')

Alternatively you can configure logging using the logging.config package. A relevant section in a configuration file for the logging.config.fileConfig function can be similar to:

args=({'app': 4,
       'app.request': 3,
       'rpc': 2,
       '': 1},)

See (and run) for the working example.

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