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sphinx-docs-theme 0.2.3

Sphinx Theme for documentation sites.

A minimalist Bootstrap-based HTML5 theme for Sphinx, will help to use it as a documentation site.

Check the latest docs to find out how to set it up for your Sphinx project.

The skin has been adapted from the static template Docs Bootstrap Template, which will be the visual reference to be followed by this project.



To check the Sphinx Docs Theme at work take a look at the documentation, linked below this section, which is created with Sphinx and making use of this theme.


Documentation sources are included with the project, and used to generate the documentation sites:

  • The latest docs are always generated for the latest release, kept in the ‘master’ branch
  • The development docs are generated from the latest code in the ‘develop’ branch

You can also create the documentation from the source files, kept in the ‘docs’ folder, with the help of Sphinx. For this use the makefile, or the make.bat file, contained on that folder.


The project is a Sphinx theme, which can be used in a similar way to any other such theme.


Sphinx is required to make use of this theme, as it is meant to be integrated into a Sphinx project. To find more information about this check its webpage, which will also tell which Python interpreters can be used.

All other dependencies are indicated on the requirements.txt file. These can be installed with the included makefile by using the following command:

$ make requirements


The project is offered as a Pypi package, and using pip is the preferred way to install it. For this use the following command;

$ pip install sphinx-docs-theme

If manual installation is required, the project includes a file, along a makefile allowing direct installation of the library, which can be done with the following command:

$ make install

Using it as a dependency

If the project has been installed in the local libraries repository, it can be used just by adding the following lines to the file of any Sphinx project:

import sphinx_docs_theme

html_theme = 'sphinx_docs_theme'
html_theme_path = sphinx_docs_theme.get_html_theme_path()

Using it from the Sphinx themes folder

Another possibility is just adding the project code, contained int the ‘sphinx_docs_theme’ folder, to the themes folder of your Sphinx project, which is:


And then it is just needed to add the following files to the file:

html_theme = 'sphinx_docs_theme'
html_theme_path = ["_themes", ]


Any kind of help with the project will be well received, and there are two main ways to give such help:

  • Reporting errors and asking for extensions through the issues management
  • or forking the repository and extending the project

Issues management

Issues are managed at the GitHub project issues tracker, where any Github user may report bugs or ask for new features.

Getting the code

If you wish to fork or modify the code, visit the GitHub project page, where the latest versions are always kept. Check the ‘master’ branch for the latest release, and the ‘develop’ for the current, and stable, development version.


The project has been released under the MIT License.

File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
sphinx-docs-theme-0.2.3.tar.gz (md5) Source 2016-10-21 781KB