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sphinxcontrib-chapeldomain 0.0.14

Chapel domain for Sphinx

Chapel domain for Sphinx.

Package documentation is available on


To install:

pip install sphinxcontrib-chapeldomain

To install from source on github:

git clone
cd sphinxcontrib-chapeldomain
python install

Getting Started

This is an example that covers several features of the Chapel domain:

.. chpl:module:: GMP
    :synopsis: multiple precision integer library

.. chpl:record:: BigNum

    multiple precision instances

    .. chpl:method:: proc add(a:BigNum, b:BigNum)

        Add two big ints, ``a`` and ``b``, and store the result in ``this``

        :arg a: BigNum to be added
        :type a: BigNum

        :arg BigNum b: BigNum to be added

        :returns: nothing, result is stored in current instance

    .. chpl:itermethod:: iter these() ref

        Arbitrary iterator that returns individual digits of this instance.

        :ytype: reference
        :yields: reference to each individual digit of BigNum
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