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sphinxcontrib-cldomain 0.10

Sphinx domain for Common Lisp

Latest Version: 0.13


CLDomain is a Common Lisp domain for Sphinx Documentation Generator. Sphinx is a mulit-language documentation tool. This project extends it’s functionality to cover Common Lisp. The aim is to support documentation with the same ease as sphinx would a Python project.

Currently the project supports inspection based documentation of symbols.


CLDomain is licensed under the GPLv3. Please report any bugs in the GitHub Bug Tracker.

An example of the generated documentation is the cl-git project.


Release 0.10 12-06-2014

  • added back parentheses to parameter lists.
  • added type information to parameter list of methods.
  • added links to other methods from a method docstring
  • fixed bug with macro documentation strings
  • added better keyword detection in documentation strings
  • fixed bug where symbols at the end of documentation strings were ignored

Release 0.9 10-02-2014

  • fixed problem with version number generation

Release 0.8 10-02-2014

  • fixed bug with lisps argument
  • removed dependency on swank
  • remove specializers symbols package if it’s the current package

Release 0.7 12-06-2013

  • started to make internals more modular
  • print specialisation for methods
  • add links to method specializers
  • added methods to index

Release 0.6 22-04-2013

  • added more documentation.
  • added better error handling when json fails to parse.
  • methods can now pull documentation from their generic.

Release 0.5 20-04-2013

  • inherit environment when calling subprocesses.
  • better handling of symbols in doc strings.

Release 0.4 19-04-2013

  • fixed some packaging bugs.
  • made the data model more tolerant to missing symbols.
  • fixed symbol resolving bug.
  • added output of unused symbols.

Release 0.3 16-04-2013

  • cleaned up specializer output.
  • fixed bug when rendering specializers that have the form :KEYWORD SYMBOL.
  • updated documentation.
  • split out package code from lisp program.

Release 0.2 14-04-2013

  • link between generics and specializers.
  • ignore symbols in documentation if they are in the arg list.
  • better Quicklisp support.
  • handling of symbols that boarder on punctuation.

Release 0.1 UNRELEASED

  • initial prototype
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sphinxcontrib-cldomain-0.10.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-06-12 43KB