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sphinxcontrib-embedly 0.2

Sphinx "embedly" extension

This is a sphinx extension for using Embedly.

This extension enables you to embed anything that is supported by Embedly , e.g.:

.. embedly::


pip install sphinxcontrib-embedly



To enable this extension in Sphinx, add sphinxcontrib.embedly module to the extensions option in the file.

import os, sys

# Path to the folder where sphinxcontrib/ is
# NOTE: not needed if the package is installed in traditional way
# using, easy_install or pip

# Enabled extensions
extensions = ['sphinxcontrib.embedly']


In case you use pure docutils projects such as Pelican feel free to add the following somewhere to your code:

from sphinxcontrib.embedly import setup_docutils


Then set the required configuration variable embedly_key in your by signing up for for the free account on Embedly for the Embed product. E.g.:

embedly_key = '<api-key-copied-from-your-account-page>'


There is also one optional configuration variable, the embedly_timeout that specifies the default timeout used when fetching the embed code from Embedly (defaults to 60 seconds). E.g.:

embedly_timeout = 120


This directive fetches the embed code for the given URL and adds it into the generated document.


.. embedly::

You can specify various options for the embedding as seen above.


.. embedly::
   :width: 450


maxwidth:the maximum width of the embed in pixels (optional)
maxheight:the maximum height of the embed in pixels (optional)
width:the scaled width of rich and video embeds in pixels (optional)
wmode:the “wmode” parameter to flash objects, options are “window”, “opaque” and “transparent” (optional)
nostyle:boolean when given removes inline style elements from certain embeds to be able to style them yourself (optional)
autoplay:boolean when given tells the video and rich embeds to automatically play when the media is loaded (optional)
videosrc:boolean when given uses the video_src meta or Open Graph tag to create a video object to embed (optional, defaults to 50)
words:integer value of words to be returned as the description, as the closest sentence to that word count (optional)
chars:integer value of characters after which the description is blindly truncated and added “…” (optional)
frame:boolean when given will wrap all embeds in iframes to help prevent XSS attacks (optional, available in the paid products)
secure:boolean when given will serve embeds with a SSL connection (optional, available in the paid products)


v0.2 (2014-02-23)

v0.1 (2013-12-30)

  • Initial release.
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