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sphinxcontrib-needs 0.1.49

Sphinx needs extension for managing needs/requirements and specifications

Complete, rendered documentation:

This package contains the needs Sphinx extension.

It allows the definition, linking and filtering of need-objects, which are by default:

  • requirements
  • specifications
  • implementations
  • test cases.

This list can be easily customized via configuration (for instance to support bugs or user stories).


For the rendered output and more documentation, please visit

.. req:: My first requirement
   :status: open
   :tags: requirement; test; awesome

   This is my **first** requirement!!
   .. note:: It's awesome :)

.. spec:: Specification of a requirement
   :id: OWN_ID_123

.. impl:: Implementation for specification
   :id: impl_01
   :links: OWN_ID_123

.. test:: Test for XY
   :status: implemented
   :tags: test; user_interface; python27
   :links: OWN_ID_123; impl_01

   This test checks the implementation of :ref:`impl_01` for spec :ref:`OWN_ID_123` inside a
   Python 2.7 environment.

What is a need?

A need is a generic object, which can become everything you want for your sphinx documentation: A requirement, a test case, a user story, a bug, an employee, a product or anything else.

But whatever you chose it shall be and how many of them you need, each need is handled the same way.

Each need can contain:

  • a title (required)
  • an unique id (optional. Gets calculated based on title if not given)
  • a description, which supports fully rst and sphinx extensions (optional)
  • a status (optional)
  • several tags (optional)
  • several links to other needs (optional)

You can create filterable overviews of defined needs by using the needfilter directive:

.. needfiler::
   :status: open;in_progress
   :tags: tests; test; test_case;
   :layout: table


Using pip

pip install sphinxcontrib-needs

Using sources

git clone
python install


Add sphinxcontrib.needs to your extensions:

extensions = ["sphinxcontrib.needs",]
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