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spipat 0.9.3

SNOBOL/SPITBOL Patterns for Python

Portable SNOBOL/SPITBOL Patterns for Python.

Patterns can be composed with other Patterns and strings using the ‘+’ and ‘|’ operators.

Based on a C-language translation of the GNU Ada (GNAT) package by the original creator of SPITBOL.

Available as part of “spipat” C library::
  • tar zxvf spipat-0.9.3.tar.gz
  • ./configure
  • make;
  • make install (as root via “sudo” or “su”)
  • cd python
  • make
  • make install (as root via “sudo” or “su”)

Type “pydoc spipat” for documentation.

In theory, the package is system independent, given a C99 compiler, but has never been compiled with anything but gcc. MINGW should work, if that’s how Python was built.