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elliptic-curve-protected protocol implementations for twisted

A twisted curve is a spiral.

spiral is a collection of elliptic-curve-backed protocol implementations. At the moment, this is limited to DNSCurve and CurveCP.

Note: spiral is still experimental in general; no guarantees are made about the continued existence of APIs.


DNSCurve support is experimental and requires a currently-unmerged branch of Twisted. Client recursive and nonrecursive resolvers have been implemented; there is currently no DNSCurve server support.


CurveCP support comes in two forms:

curvecpmclient and curvecpmserver

curvecpmclient and curvecpmserver are UCSPI-style executables. curvecpmclient will connect to a given CurveCP server and spawn a process to communicate with it. curvecpmserver will listen on a particular port and spawn a process for each incoming connection.


Two standard twisted endpoints are exposed for writing clients or servers in python: CurveCPClientEndpoint and CurveCPServerEndpoint.

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