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sprinter 1.1.3

a utility library to help environment bootstrapping scripts

Latest Version: 1.4.2


It’s recommended to use Sprinter’s standalone installer:


curl -s > /tmp/sprinter; bash /tmp/sprinter

Debian-Based (e.g. Ubuntu):

cd /tmp/; rm; wget -O; bash

You can also install sprinter using easy_install or pip (not recommended, it’s easier to update with the standalone):

(sudo) easy_install

(sudo) pip install

What is it?

A cross-platform environment bootstrapping framework!

Sprinter is a framework designed to making bootstrapping development environments easier. There are three main components to a usable sprinter environment:

  • This python egg, to fully utilize the framework
  • a sprinter.cfg file, which contains the configuration necessary to install features
  • sprinter formulas, which each feature uses as it’s instruction manual on how to setup, update, and remove itself

Read more about Sprinter on the docs

Command list

Install an environment:

sprinter install ENVIRONMENT.cfg
sprinter install http://myenvironment.cfg

Install the environment specified in the environment.cfg file. It will update an environment if it already exists.:

sprinter update MY_ENVIRONMENT


sprinter activate MY_ENVIRONMENT

deactivate MY_ENVIRONMENT:

sprinter deactivate MY_ENVIRONMENT


sprinter remove MY_ENVIRONMENT
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