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sqlcmd 0.7.1

A cross-platform, cross-database SQL command line tool

sqlcmd is a SQL command line tool, similar in concept to tools like Oracle’s SQL*Plus, the PostgreSQL psql command, and MySQL’s mysql tool.

Some features at a glance

  • Connection parameters for individual databases are kept in a configuration file in your home directory.
  • Databases can be assigned multiple logical names.
  • sqlcmd has command history management, with GNU Readline support. History files are saved per database.
  • sqlcmd supports SQL, but also supports database metadata (getting a list of tables, querying the table’s columns and their data types, listing the indexes and foreign keys for a table, etc.).
  • sqlcmd supports Unix shell-style variables.
  • sqlcmd command has a .set command that displays and controls sqlcmd settings.
  • sqlcmd provides a standard interface that works the same no matter what database you’re using.
  • sqlcmd uses the enhanced database drivers in the Grizzled API’s db module. (Those drivers are, in turn, built on top of standard Python DB API drivers like psycopg2 and MySQLdb.)
  • sqlcmd is written entirely in Python, which makes it very portable (though the database drivers are often written in C and may not be available on all platforms).

In short, sqlcmd is a SQL command tool that attempts to provide the same interface for all supported databases and across all platforms.

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