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squirrelapi 0.6.1

Python wrapper for C3 Squirrel Voicemail HTTP API

# python-squirrelapi

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This project wraps the Squirrel HTTP API and provides sensible Python object representations for key resources (users, mailboxes and messages for example).

Example code for authenticating and downloading all your messages as '.wav' files to the working directory.

user = VoicemailUser(555555) # Mailboxno
user.login(123456) # pin
messages = user.get_messages()
for message in messages:
contents = message.retrieve()
m = open('%s.wav' %, 'w')

## Tests

You can run tests using:

python test

## Revision

This has been developed against the C3 Squirrel documentation "Issue 11".
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squirrelapi-0.6.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-08-16 8KB