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srt-timer 0.2

Simple script for saving difference of two subtitle timings. You can than easily convert subtitle from one timing to another.

srt-timer simply converts subtitles from one timing to another one.

Usage example

You downloaded Fear the Walking Dead, episode 03x06, version 720p.WEB-DL-RARBG and you want to have an Italian subtitles. However Italian subtitles are just for the version REPACK.SVA…

Now you can simply use srt-timer for convert the subtitles to the wanted version. First, you have to download English subtitles in both REPACK.SVA and 720p.WEB-DL-RARBG and then you can create repack2webdl.sdiff file with conversion information:

$ srt_timer make_sdiff --strip-original 11 \
> "Fear the Walking Dead - 03x06 - Red" \
> "Fear the Walking Dead - 03x06 - Red Dirt.WEB-DL" \
> --output repack2webdl.sdiff

strip-original argument removes the preview subtitles that shouldn’t be in the final version.

Now you convert your Italian subtitles to 720p.WEB-DL-RARBG version with the created sdiff file:

$ srt_timer convert --sdiff repack2webdl.sdiff \
> "Fear the Walking Dead - 03x06 - Red" \
> --output

And you’re done.


The package is on Pypi, so you can install it simply with pip install srt-timer

Usage manual

For help just type srt_timer --help or srt_timer [command] --help

For all commands, the result is printed to the standard output by default. If you define the output argument, then it’s printed to a specified file.


Convert srt file from one timing to another one.

You can use it with a sdiff file like in the usage example or you can convert subtitles directly by providing original-timing and new-timing arguments instead of sdiff argument. In the second case you can also provide the strip-original argument to strip surplus subtitles on the beginning of a file.


Create a sdiff file.

It has two required arguments: srt file with original timing and srt file with wanted timing. Optional arguments are strip-original and output.

The strip-original argument should be number of the last subtitle in the “You’ve seen previously…” section if it isn’t desired in a new subtitle version. If defined, it will trim all subtitles starting before or at the time of the provided subtitle.


Create a sdiff file for the backwards conversion.

This command expects just one argument input - a sdiff file. It will change its information, so it’s possible to execute the opposite conversion.

$ srt_timer reverse_sdiff repack2webdl.sdiff -o webdl2repack.sdiff

Need help?

If you have trouble using srt-timer, make a new issue on the GitHub page of the project or mail me at Changelog =========

0.2 - 2017-07-11


  • reverse_sdiff command to create a sdiff file for a backwards conversion
  • Simplier entrypoint srt_timer as an opposite of

0.1 - 2017-07-06


  • make_sdiff command to create a sdiff file
  • convert command to convert srt file from one timing to another one
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