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ss 1.6.0

Command line script that automatically searches for video subtitles using APIs.

# Subtitle Searcher - SS #

Command line script for searching video subtitles using []( ) APIs.


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## Features ##

  • Recursive search: Search subtitles for all videos inside a directory (and sub-directories), making it easy to download subtitles for TV shows packs.
  • Multiple languages: Search for more than one subtitle languages at the same time.
  • MKV embedding: Can automatically create an MKV file with embedded subtitles, which is easier to carry around. Requires [mkvmerge](

## Install ##

Install using [pip](

`bash pip install ss `

## Requirements ##

## Usage ##

Pass the name of one or more video files or directories:


It will try to find the best match online, and automatically download and move the subtitles to the same folder as the video files.

### Configuration ###

Configuration is stored in ~/.ss.ini (or C:Users<user>.ss.ini on Windows) as a standard ini file:

`ini [ss] languages=eng, pob recursive=yes skip=yes mkv=no `

The following options are available:

  • languages: 3 letter codes with the languages to search subtitles for, separated by commas. For a full list of available languages, see
  • recursive: if directories should be recursively searched for movies (yes|no).
  • skip: if movies that already have subtitles should be skipped (yes|no).
  • mkv: if yes, it will automatically create a [mkv]( file with embedded video and subtitles. Utility [mkvmerge]( must be available in the $PATH environment variable (yes|no).
  • parallel_jobs: number of concurrent threads used to download subtitles and create mkv files. Defaults to 8.

## Support ##

If you find any issues, please report it in the [issues page](

## Changelog ##

See the [releases page](

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