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ssshelf 0.1.3

A collection and persistance manager for blob stores like aws S3

An S3 persistence manager. If you squint closely enough you could even call it a database.


  • Lots of examples
  • Blob Storage as primary (S3, Ceph, Google Cloud Storage, etc.)


  • Eventual Consistency
  • Speed
  • Constraints

Examples Using SSShelf


import asyncio
from datetime import datetime
import simpleflake
import json

from ssshelf.items import IManager
from ssshelf.collections import Collection
from ssshelf.utils import convert_datetime_to_str, json_dump
from ssshelf.managers import CManager
from ssshelf.storages.s3 import S3Storage

class Bookmark(IManager):
    def get_pk(self, item):
        return str(item['pk'])

    def serialize_item(self, item):
        return bytes(json_dump(item), 'utf8')

    def deserialize_item(self, data):
        return json.loads(data)

class AllBookmarks(Collection):
    def get_pk(self, item):
        return str(item['pk'])

    def key(self, item):
        return [

class BookmarkManager(CManager):
    item_manager = Bookmark()
    every = AllBookmarks()

async def demo():
    bookmark_manager = BookmarkManager(S3Storage())

    bookmark = {
        'pk': simpleflake.simpleflake(),
        'link': '',
        'created_at': datetime.utcnow()

    await bookmark_manager.add_item(bookmark)

    resp = await bookmark_manager.every.get_items()

    assert resp['items'][0]['link'] == ''

loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()
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