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stackalytics 0.5

OpenStack contribution statistics

Latest Version: 0.8.3


Application Features
Stackalytics is a service that automatically analyzes OpenStack
development activities and displays statistics on contribution. The features are:
* Extraction of author information from git log, store it in the database;
* Calculate metrics on number of lines changed (LOC) and commits;
* Mapping authors to companies and launchpad ids;
* Filter statistics by time, modules, companies, authors;
* Extract blueprint and bug ids from commit messages;
* Auto-update of database.

Project Info

* Web-site:
* Source Code:
* Wiki:
* Launchpad:
* Blueprints:
* Bugs:
* Code Reviews:,status:open+stackalytics,n,z
* IRC: #openstack-stackalytics at freenode
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stackalytics-0.5.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-05-15 370KB