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status_server 0.0.1

Serve HTTP statuses by URL

Serve HTTP Status by URL


  1. pip install status_server
  2. status_server
  3. curl -i http://localhost:8888/200

What is status_server?

I was playing around with a load testing tool, and I wanted to generate more than one HTTP response type, so I hacked this together.

status_server returns the status code in the request URI. Want a 200? curl http://localhost:8888/200

Want a 404? curl http://localhost:8888/404

What if you want a randomly chosen value from a list of possible return types? curl http://localhost:8888/200/404/503

The above has an equal chance of returning either of the three HTTP status codes. (1/3: 200, 1/3: 404, 1/3: 503)

status_server supports all standard methods for requests:

curl -iX POST http://localhost:8888/200

curl -iX DELETE http://localhost:8888/200

Known Issue

304 (Not Modified) does not work. curl http://localhost:8888/304 will throw an exception and return a 500, not a 304.

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