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stepper 0.4

Python control of stepper motors.

This package provides Python control of stepper motors. See Jones’ Control of Stepping Motors for an excellent stepper overview. Supports full and half stepping of motors with one or two power lines and 4 drains, or one or two drains and 4 power lines. Basically any motor with 4 variable lines, and it would be easy to extend it to other cases.




I’ve packaged stepper for Gentoo. You need layman and my wtk overlay. Install with:

# emerge -av app-portage/layman
# layman --add wtk
# emerge -av sci-libs/stepper


Stepper has no explicit dependencies outside of the core Python modules, but for real-world results you will need a way to drive the stepper’s digital control lines. A general way to do this is with the pycomedi wrapper around the Comedilib library, as shown in the Stepper doctest.

You will also need nose for testing.

Package Debian Gentoo
Nose python-nose dev-python/nose
Pycomedi   dev-python/pycomedi

Installing by hand

Stepper is available as a Git repository:

$ git clone git://

See the homepage for details. To install the checkout, run the standard:

$ python install


See the module docstrings for simple examples.


Run internal unit tests with:

$ nosetests --with-doctest --doctest-tests


This project is distributed under the GNU General Public License Version 3 or greater.


W. Trevor King Copyright 2008-2012

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