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stis_cti 1.1

Pixel-based CTI-correction for HST/STIS CCD data

Package Documentation

HST/STIS Pixel-Based CTI-Correction Scripts

Utilities needed to correct for Charge Transfer Inefficiency (CTI) in the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) STIS CCD.

Scripts installed in shell:

  • stis_cti – Runs CTI correction on raw files, handling super-dark creation
  • archive_dark_query – Determines component darks needed to remake a super-dark

For more information, type:

stis_cti --help

Python usage:

import stis_cti

Other utilities:

  • stis_cti.StisPixCteCorr(…) – Code to run pixel-based CTI-correction on intermediate products
  • stis_cti.viable_ccd_file(…) – Test to see which FITS files on which to run the correction
  • stis_cti.archive_dark_query(…) – Utility to query MAST for needed component darks
  • stis_cti.custom_superdark_info() – Print information on manually creating/implementing a corrected super-dark

See documentation at

Project page:

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