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An API for parsing and generating STIX content.

A python library for parsing, manipulating, and generating STIX content.

The python-stix library utilizes the STIX v1.1 bindings, is under heavy development. For more information about STIX, see

Build Status


The python-stix library can be installed via the distutils script included at the root directory:

$ python install

The python-stix library is also hosted on PyPI and can be installed with pip:

$ pip install stix


The python-stix library depends on the presence of certain packages/libraries to function. Please refer to their installation documentation for installation instructions.


Releases of the python-stix library will be given version numbers of the form major.minor.update.revision, where major, minor, and update correspond to the STIX version being supported. The revision number is used to indicate new versions of the python-stix library itself.


The python-stix package layout is as follows:

  • stix/ : root level package
  • examples/ : example python scripts that leverage the python-stix library
  • stix/utils/ : utility classes and modules used internally by the python-stix library
  • stix/bindings/ : generateDS generated xml-to-python bindings (leveraged for parsing and output of STIX XML content)
  • stix/coa/ : APIs for STIX Course Of Action constructs
  • stix/core/ : APIs for core STIX constructs (e.g., STIX Header, STIX Package)
  • stix/common/ : APIs for common STIX constructs (e.g., Structured Text, Information Source)
  • stix/coa/ : APIs for STIX Exploit Target constructs
  • stix/incident/ : APIs for common Incident constructs
  • stix/indicator/ : APIs for STIX Indicator constructs
  • stix/extensions/ : APIs for STIX extensions (e.g., CIQ Identity)

Please refer to examples for concrete examples of how to interact with the python-stix library

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