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Python STOMP client, supporting versions 1.0 and 1.1 of the protocol

Latest Version: 4.1.19

“” is a Python client library for accessing messaging servers (such as ActiveMQ, Apollo or RabbitMQ) using the [STOMP protocol]( (versions [1.0](, [1.1]( and [1.2]( It can also be run as a standalone, command-line client for testing.

Quick Start

A basic example of using can be found [here]( Testing via the command-line interface is described [here](

Downloads can be found on [PyPi]( API documentation can be found [here](

Please note that was available as a single file (, but as of version 2 was split into multiple files in a module directory (click [this link]( if you still want access to this older version).

Select: has been perfunctorily tested on: [ActiveMQ](, [Apollo](, [RabbitMQ](, [stompserver](, and has been reported to work with [JBossMessaging]( For more info on setting up the test server (using virtualbox), contact the developer.


_(If you’ve contributed code to and your name is missing from this list, let me know)_

Julian Scheid ([Rising Sun Pictures]( Andreas Schobel Fernando Ciciliati Eugene Strulyov Gavin M. Roy Martin Pieuchot Joe Gdaniec Jayson Vantuyl Tatiana Al-Chueyr Martins

What’s In This Release

This release contains the following: - This file LICENSE - Software license CHANGELOG - List of changes in each release stomp/ - The client library code stomp/test/ - Test code for the library stomp/bridge/ - Bridges for message brokers which don’t support STOMP stomp/bridge/README-oracle - Info on the Oracle AQ bridge (no longer supported)

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