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stomper 0.1.0

This is a transport neutral client implementation of the STOMP protocol.

Latest Version: 0.4.1


This is a python client implementation of the STOMP protocol.

The client is attempting to be transport layer neutral. This module provides functions to create and parse STOMP messages in a programatic fashion. The messages can be easily generated and parsed, however its up to the user to do the sending and receiving. The STOMP protocol specification can be found here:

I’ve looked at the stomp client by Jason R. Briggs. I’ve based some of the ‘function to message’ generation on how his client does it. The client can be found at the follow address however it isn’t a dependancy.

In testing this library I run against ActiveMQ project. The server runs in java, however its fairly standalone and easy to set up. The projects page is here:


Basic Usage

To see some basic code usage example see “example/”. The unit test “tests/” illustrates how to use all aspects of the code.


The example “” and “” show how messages and generated and then transmitted using the twisted framework. Other frameworks could be used instead. The examples also demonstrate the state machine I used to determine a response to received messages.

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  • Author: Oisin Mulvihill
  • License:
  • Package Index Owner: oisinmulvihill, mick
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