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stompest.async 2.3.0

Twisted STOMP client based upon the stompest API.

stomp, stomper, stompest!

This package provides the asynchronous STOMP client based upon the stompest library. It leverages the power of Twisted, a very mature and powerful asynchronous programming framework. The client supports

  • destination-specific message and error handlers (with default “poison pill” error handling)
  • concurrent message processing
  • graceful shutdown, and connect, receipt, and disconnect timeouts
  • optional TLS/SSL support (TLS support in Twisted must be activated via pip install 'twisted[tls]')


You may install this package via pip install stompest.async or manually via python install.

Questions or Suggestions?

Feel free to open an issue or post a question on the forum.


  • Version 1.x of stompest was written by Roger Hoover at Mozes and deployed in their production environment.
  • Kudos to Oisin Mulvihill, the developer of stomper! The idea of an abstract representation of the STOMP protocol lives on in stompest.

Documentation & Code Examples

The stompest API is fully documented here.

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stompest.async-2.3.0.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-03-19 18KB