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storjkademlia 0.7.4

Kademlia is a distributed hash table for decentralized peer-to-peer computer networks.

# Python Distributed Hash Table
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This library is an asynchronous Python implementation of the [Kademlia distributed hash table]( It uses [Twisted]( to provide asynchronous communication. The nodes communicate using [RPC over UDP]( to communiate, meaning that it is capable of working behind a [NAT](

This library aims to be as close to a reference implementation of the [Kademlia paper]( as possible.

## Installation

pip install kademlia

## Usage
*This assumes you have a working familiarity with [Twisted](*

Assuming you want to connect to an existing network (run the standalone server example below if you don't have a network):

from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.python import log
from import Server
import sys

# log to std out

def quit(result):
print "Key result:", result

def get(result, server):
return server.get("a key").addCallback(quit)

def done(found, server):
log.msg("Found nodes: %s" % found)
return server.set("a key", "a value").addCallback(get, server)

server = Server()
# next line, or use reactor.listenUDP(5678, server.protocol)
server.bootstrap([('', 1234)]).addCallback(done, server)

Check out the examples folder for other examples.

## Stand-alone Server
If all you want to do is run a local server, just start the example server:

twistd -noy examples/server.tac

## Running Tests
To run tests:

trial kademlia

## Fidelity to Original Paper
The current implementation should be an accurate implementation of all aspects of the paper save one - in Section 2.3 there is the requirement that the original publisher of a key/value republish it every 24 hours. This library does not do this (though you can easily do this manually).  
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