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streamlink 0.5.0

Streamlink is command-line utility that extracts streams from various services and pipes them into a video player of choice.

# Streamlink

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Streamlink is a CLI utility that pipes flash videos from online streaming services to a variety of video players such as VLC, or alternatively, a browser.

The main purpose of streamlink is to convert CPU-heavy flash plugins to a less CPU-intensive format.

Streamlink is a fork of the [livestreamer]( project.

# Installation

Streamlink can be installed by using Python or through the installers below.

Installation via Python pip: ` sudo pip install streamlink ` Note: For Windows, omit “sudo”

Manual installation via Python: ` git clone sudo python install `

Installers for Windows/Mac/Linux:

# Features

Streamlink is built via a plugin system which allows new services to be easily added.

Major streaming services such as:

Are supported.

A full list of plugins can be found on the [plugin page](

# Quickstart

After installation simply use: ` streamlink source `

And Streamlink will automatically open a default video player and begin streaming!

For full details on how to use Streamlink visit our documentation at [](

# Contributing

Feel free to open a bug or contribute to code!

No need to go through a large doc. The only requirement being that we get at least one ACK from a maintainer. Fork / clone us and open a PR!

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