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student_evaluator 0.0.1

Student Evaluator

# Student Evaluator
An analysis tool to check the work that student are doing on a linux server.
* The script creates several user accounts: s1 -> s99
* The student log in as one of these users
* Create documents, folders, scripts,.... (as requested in an assignment)
* The tool scans the filesystem and creates a report (html)
* The students can see the report semi-live

## Install:
Assuming you start from a basic Debian installation
* Install Apache webserver: ``aptitude install apache2`` (only needed if you want to show a status report on a website)
* Install python-pip: ``aptitude install python-pip`` (the Python package manager:
* Install using pip: ``pip install student_evaluator``

## Install from source:
* Download the source and run ``python install``.
* Python Package available in the Python Package Index at: (coming soon).

## Usage:
* Coming soon

## Limitations:
* Currently under active development (early Alpha!)
* Not feature complete at all!

## License:
If not stated otherwise student_evaluator is distributed in terms of the MIT software license.
See LICENSE file in the distribution for details.

## Bug reports:
* Jeroen Doggen <>
* Post issues to GitHub

## Changelog:
0.0.1: Basic features
* Coming soon  
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student_evaluator-0.0.1.tar.gz (md5) Source 2014-05-05 4KB