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supermann 1.1.0

A Supervisor event listener for Riemann

Latest Version: 2.0.1


Supermann monitors processes running under `Supervisor <>`_ and sends metrics to `Riemann <>`_.


* `argparse <>`_
* `protobuf <>`_
* `psutil <>`_
* `supervisor <>`_

The psutil package uses C extensions, and installing the package from source or
with a python package manager (such as ``pip``) will require build tools.
Alternatively, it can be installed from your distribution's repositories
(``python-psutil`` on Debian and CentOS).

Supermann is developed and tested on Python 2.6. There are no plans to release
it for Python 3, as Google's ``protobuf`` library is only compatible with
Python 2. However, the code is written to run on Python 2.6, 2.7 and 3.


Supermann runs as a Supervisor event listener::

    command=supermann localhost 5555

Run `supermann --help` for usage information.


The Protocol buffer definition can be rebuilt using the most recent version::

    protoc --python_out=supermann/riemann/ riemann.proto

If supermann is used as a library, you will need to ensure that the log messages
Supermann emits are handled. This can be done by either configuring the python
logging module, calling ``supermann.command.configure_logging``, or adding a
null handler::

    import logging

    class NullHandler(logging.Handler):
        def emit(self, record):


Supermann should never send events with a nil host, and will always use the current hostname as the default host for events.


Supermann is licensed under the `MIT Licence <>`_. The protocol buffer definition is sourced from the `Riemann Java client <>`_,
which is licensed under the `Apache Licence <>`_.


Supermann was written by `Sam Clements <>`_, while working at `DataSift <>`_.

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