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supermann 1.7.0

A Supervisor event listener for Riemann

Latest Version: 3.2.0

Supermann monitors processes running under Supervisor and sends metrics to Riemann.


Supermann runs as a Supervisor event listener, and will send metrics every time an event is received.

A very basic Supervisor configuration section to run Supermann:

command=supermann localhost 5555

Listening for the PROCESS_STATE and TICK_5 events will send metrics every 5 seconds, and when a program changes state. See the Supervisor event documentation for more information. Supermann is designed to bail out when an error is encountered, allowing Supervisor to restart it - it is recommended that you do not set autorestart=false in the Supervisor configuration for the eventlistener. Supervisor logs to stderr, which is logged by Supervisor. The logs can be read with supervisorctl tail supermann stderr or finding the log in Supervisor’s log directory.

supermann --help will display usage information on the available arguments. Basic usage is:

supermann [--log-level=INFO] [--memmon <name>=<limit>] $RIEMANN_HOST $RIEMANN_PORT

The --memmon option takes the name of a Supervisor program, and a memory limit in bytes. The suffixes gb, mb and kb can be used, and are case insensitive. This option can be repeated any number of times.


Supermann can be installed with pip install supermann. Supervisor can also be installed with pip, or can be installed from your distributions package manager. Once Supermann is installed, add an eventlistener section to the Supervisor configuration (/etc/supervisord.conf by default) and restart Supervisor.


The psutil package uses C extensions, and installing the package from source or with a python package manager (such as pip) will require build tools. Alternatively, it can be installed from your distribution’s repositories (python-psutil on Debian and CentOS).

Supermann is developed and tested on Python 2.6. There are no plans to release it for Python 3, as Google’s protobuf library (and therefore riemann-client) are only compatible with Python 2.


Supermann is licensed under the MIT Licence. The protocol buffer definition is sourced from the Riemann Java client, which is licensed under the Apache Licence.


Supermann was written by Sam Clements, while working at DataSift.

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