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superwrap 0.0.4

The easy way to contribute to python packages

Superwrap in an extension to virtualenvwrapper that makes it easier to contribute to a python package for the first time.

Here is the current workflow for starting to contribute to a new project for people that use virtualenvwrapper:

$ mkvirtualenv requests
(requests)$ ~/Development
(requests)$ git clone
(requests)$ cd requests
(requests)$ python develop

And then start working. After setting up Superwrap, it becomes this:

$ workon requests
Setup kennethreitz:requests repo for development
(requests)$ echo "There is no step 2!"

Anytime you use workon with a repo that you don’t already have setup, it will create a new virtualenv, find and clone the repo from github into a new directory, change to that directory, and run python develop. If you use workon with a virtualenv that has been previously setup, it will work the exact same.


  • First, have virtualenvwrapper configured.
  • Configure where you want new repos to go by setting the SUPERWRAP_DIR evnrionment variable. It will default to ~/Development.
  • (Optional) Configure GITHUB_OAUTH_TOKEN if you want to create a fork of every repo to clone instead of cloning the repo itself.
  • $ pip install superwrap
  • Add the following to $WORKON_HOME/postactivate
proj_name=$(echo $VIRTUAL_ENV|awk -F'/' '{print $NF}')
cd $SUPERWRAP_DIR/$proj_name

Note that this will create issues if your current setup does not consist of virtualenvs and directories with matching names.

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