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svg42pdf 0.1.2

Program for SVG to PDF conversion.

Converting SVG to PDF might be a complicated task. Various tools exist this purpose, but many of them create different outputs, they don’t work both on Linux and OS X, or they depend on some heavy libraries.

This program aims at the conversion using any available tool.


From PyPI:

pip install --upgrade svg42pdf

From Github:

pip install --upgrade git+


Use first working method:

svg42pdf -m any input.svg output.pdf

Use Cairo:

svg42pdf -m cairo input.svg output.pdf

Use ReportLab:

svg42pdf -m reportlab input.svg output.pdf

Use Inkscape:

svg42pdf -m inkscape input.svg output.pdf

Use ImageMagick:

svg42pdf -m imagemagick input.svg output.pdf

Use Wkhtmltopdf (using the Qt WebKit):

svg42pdf -m wkhtmltopdf input.svg output.pdf


  • Why is there 42 in the name?

    There are too many svg2pdf tools.

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SVG42PDF-0.1.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2017-04-18 27KB