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swiss 0.3

Swiss Army Knife for Data Work

Swiss Army Knife for Data Work

The swiss package provides various utilities for working with data:

* cache: Url caching and scraping
* tabular/*: Processing and transforming tabular data to and from various
formats including csv, json, google spreadsheets, xls
* misc, date: Cleaning up and parsing data especially dates.
* id: ID generation and shortenening
* Command line tools such as creating optparse object and usage
from a module of object.
* Deliverance proxy helper


v0.3 2010-08-01

* Support for google docs spreadsheets as sources for TabularData
* Improve documentation of date module and add FlexiDate.as_datetime()
* New clitools module incorporating existing cli tools
* Deliverance proxy helper for proxying to remote
websites and retheming with deliverance.
* parse/ new (human) name parsing code

v0.2 2009-10-23

* Extensive refactoring of tabular module/package
* Standardized interface with BaseReader and BaseWriter
* JsonReader and JsonWriter providing json reading and writing
* TxtWriter to support writing to plain text
* Improvements to date parsing (support for circa, 'c.', etc)
* New id module to do 'compression' of uuids using 32 and 64 bit encoding

v0.1 2009-06-03

* Bring together existing code (from last 2+ years) into new 'swiss' package
* Url caching and scraping
* Tabular data handling including csv reader/writer, xls reader, latex writer
and associated utilities (such as pivot_table)
* Cleaning and parsing data especially dates (misc and date modules)  
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