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tacl 1.1.0

Text analyser for corpus linguistics

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 3.0.0

tacl is a tool for performing basic text analysis on the texts available from the Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association (CBETA). It is largely generic, however, and can operate with minor modifications on other corpora.

The code is developed at and the documentation is available at - Read the Docs unfortunately does not display the script usage documentation, but running the commands under Usage below gives the same information.


Using Python 3 (minimum version 3.3), either run pip install tacl or download the code manually and run python install, or install . Requires SQLite, the biopython suite of tools, the lxml XML library, and the pandas data analysis library. Python on Windows comes with the SQLite DLL, and on all platforms the other dependencies are installed automatically when tacl is installed with pip).


Run tacl -h for a listing of available subcommands, and tacl <subcommand> -h for help on a specific subcommand.

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