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tahrir 0.1.8

A pyramid app for issuing your own Open Badges

Latest Version: 0.9.2

tahrir is Arabic for Liberation.

tahrir is also a Pyramid app for issuing your own Open Badges.

The name is total overkill.


$ sudo pip install tahrir

Building a configuration file

Get a sample configuration file:

$ wget -O tahrir.ini

And edit it to your liking. In particular you will need to change the following values under the [server:main] section:

  • host =
  • port = 80

And the following values under the [app:pyramid] section:

  • tahrir.salt = “whatever you want”
  • tahrir.admin = “some super secret string used to login as admin”
  • tahrir.title = “just badgin’ around”
  • tahrir.pngs.uri = /home/user/badges/pngs
  • tahrir.base_url = “”

Setting up the DB

$ initialize_tahrir_db tahrir.ini


$ pserve tahrir.ini

Reporting Bugs

If you find bugs in Tahrir or have ideas for enhancements, please report them at


If you’d like to contribute to tahrir or just poke at the code, you can use the following instructions to set up a development environment.

$ sudo yum -y install python-virtualenvwrapper
$ git clone git://
$ cd tahrir
$ mkvirtualenv tahrir
(tahrir)$ python develop
(tahrir)$ initialize_tahrir_db development.ini
(tahrir)% pserve --reload development.ini
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tahrir-0.1.8.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-07-23 51KB