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tallywallet-common 0.004

A currency trading ledger in Python

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 0.009

.. Titling

Tallywallet helps Engineers understand Money and Banking.

You can use it to create economic simulations, or to enable your applications
with currency exchange and accounting features.

This package

Tallywallet is a very young project. This package implements the following:

* A Ledger class for double-entry accounting
* An Exchange class to enable currency trading
* `Pre-hoc` calculation of exchange rate gains on currency trading accounts
* Evaluation of the Fundamental Accounting Equation to verify balanced accounts
* A text format for saving Ledgers to file


Tallywallet requires Python 3.4. It uses setuptools_ for installation, but
normally it has no external runtime dependencies.

The unit tests do require the RSON_ package, however.

You may have to `compile Python 3.4`_ yourself if it is not yet available from
your package repository.

Quick start

Download and unpack the source distribution::

$ tar -xzvf tallywallet-common-0.001.tar.gz
$ cd tallywallet-common-0.001

Run the tests::

$ python3.4 -m unittest discover tallywallet

Consult the documentation::

$ firefox tallywallet/common/doc/html/index.html


Tallywallet's mission is to provide a validated Pythonic framework for money
trading and economic applications.

It is developed by a private individual but released to the public under the
`GNU Affero General Public License`_.

The API may change significantly as the project proceeds. At this early stage,
you should only use the latest release, which may not be compatible with
previous versions.

Next release

The next release will provide an example of a macro-economic simulation using
balanced accounting methods.

Can you help?

* If you've spotted a bug in Tallywallet, please let us know so we can fix it.
* If you think Tallywallet lacks a feature, you can help drive development by describing
your Use Case.

In either event, please leave a message on the project's `message board`_.

:Author: D Haynes
:Copyright: 2013 Thuswise Ltd

.. _setuptools:
.. _RSON:
.. _compile Python 3.4:
.. _GNU Affero General Public License:
.. _message board:  
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