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Test Anything Protocol (TAP) tools

Package Documentation

tappy is a set of tools for working with the Test Anything Protocol (TAP), a line based test protocol for recording test data in a standard way.

Follow tappy development on GitHub. Developer documentation is on Read the Docs.


Version 1.4, Released April 5, 2015

  • Update to support Debian packaging. Include man page.

Version 1.3, Released January 9, 2015

  • The tappy command line tool is available as a TAP consumer.
  • The Parser and Loader are available as APIs for programmatic handling of TAP files and data.

Version 1.2, Released December 21, 2014

  • Provide a syntax highlighter for Pygments so any project using Pygments (e.g., Sphinx) can highlight TAP output.

Version 1.1, Released October 23, 2014

  • TAPTestRunner has a set_outdir method to specify where to store .tap files.
  • The nosetests plugin has an optional --tap-outdir flag to specify where to store .tap files.
  • tappy has backported support for Python 2.6.
  • tappy has support for Python 3.2, 3.3, and 3.4.
  • tappy has support for PyPy.

Version 1.0, Released March 2014

  • Initial release of tappy
  • TAPTestRunner - A test runner for unittest modules that generates TAP files.
  • Provides a plugin for integrating with nose.
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