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tapioca-disqus 0.1.2

Disqus API wrapper using tapioca

# tapioca-disqus

Disqus API wrapper implemented with [tapioca-wrapper](

## Installation
pip install tapioca-disqus

## Documentation

This wrapper can execute any Disqus Web API method listed in [Disqus API docs](

For example, if we want to call __threads/details/__ method we can do the following:

``` python
from tapioca_disqus import Disqus

disqus = Disqus(api_secret='your-disqus-api-secret')
thread = disqus.threads_details().get(params={'thread': '42'})
print( # prints '42'

All methods should be called with snake_case naming in order to fit Python convention. If we want to execute __forums/listFollowers__
API method we should use `disqus.forums_list_followers()` method.

## More

- Learn how Tapioca works [here](
- Explore this package using ipython
- Have fun!
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