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tarball69_mass_rename 1.0

mass rename - massive renaming of same type files in a directory


mass_rename is a very simple console file utility written in Python3.2+ for UNIX/Linux machines and designed to massively rename files of same extension in a given directory.

mass_rename2 is simply a Python2.7+ port of mass_rename.

This utility was originally programmed to massively rename my holidays photos and it has kept some default values this way e.g. default file ext is still .jpg.

As for each console utility, you may type in a shell console:

$ python3 –help

in order to get more detail about internal features and args.

Notice: I’ve tested mass_rename on a MS-Windows machine and it reported to work OK when I used it into the working directory, but I definitely don’t know how to set up a python script as a system-wide executable on MS-Windows platforms, I’m sorry.

Development status

Development Status :: 6 - Mature

Software has been:

  • Linux:

    • TESTED OK for all distros;
  • macOS:

  • MS-Windows:

    • PARTIALLY TESTED OK on Win 8 only;


Simply copy or (if you use Python2.7+) into /usr/bin directory onto your UNIX/Linux machine and ensure it has the executable sticky bit switched on e.g. in a shell console:

$ sudo cp /usr/bin/mass_rename

$ sudo chmod +x /usr/bin/mass_rename

$ mass_rename –help

That’s all, folks!

Bug report

In order to track bugs and fix them correctly, we’d like to hear from you.

If you encountered any problem during the use of mass_rename utility software, please leave us a comment and tell us:

  • environment:
    • which platform? (Windows, macOS, Linux)
    • which Python version? (2.7+, 3.2+)
    • which mass_rename version?
  • traceback (optional):
    • could you please copy/paste the console error text?
    • could you tell us few words about what happened?

Whatever happened, we’d like to know about it.

You will find an open issue “It did *NOT* work for me!” at:

Thank you for your contributions.

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