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taskflow 0.2

Taskflow structured state management library.

Package Documentation

Latest Version: 3.1.0


A library to do [jobs, tasks, flows] in a HA manner using different backends to
be used with OpenStack projects.

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Testing and requirements

### Requirements

Because TaskFlow has many optional (pluggable) parts like persistence
backends and engines, we decided to split our requirements into two
- things that are absolutely required by TaskFlow (you can't use
TaskFlow without them) are put to `requirements.txt`;
- things that are required by some optional part of TaskFlow (you
can use TaskFlow without them) are put to `optional-requirements.txt`;
if you want to use the feature in question, you should add that
requirements to your project or environment;
- as usual, things that required only for running tests are put
to `test-requirements.txt`.

### Tox.ini

Our tox.ini describes several test environments that allow to test
TaskFlow with different python versions and sets of requirements

To generate tox.ini, use the `` script by first installing
[toxgen]( and then provide that script
as input the `tox-tmpl.ini` file to generate the final `tox.ini` file.

*For example:*

$ -i tox-tmpl.ini -o tox.ini


We also have sphinx documentation in `docs/source`. To build it,

$ python ./ build_sphinx  
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