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taskthread 1.1

Simple thread module to repetitively perform a task on a single thread

Latest Version: 1.4

Python thread module to repeat an predefined task on a thread mulitple times. A TaskThread is useful when a task needs to be repeated several times on a separate thread. Normal usage of the threading.Thread class would call for creation of a new thread each time the same task needs to be run. This module allows for repetitive tasks to be run multiple times on the same thread by having the thread wait until the task needs to be executed again.

Provided Classes

A sub-class of threading.Thread that may execute a single task multiple times without the overhead of starting a new thread.
Exception that is thrown if a task is started on a thread that is already executing.


taskthread may be installed by executing pip install taskthread.



  • Add TaskThread.join_task method that waits for the currently executing task to complete.


  • First release
  • Downloads (All Versions):
  • 15 downloads in the last day
  • 70 downloads in the last week
  • 434 downloads in the last month