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tawq 0.3.0

Build presentations with YAML, Markdown, and jQuery Mobile

Write presentations in YAML & Markdown; deploy them as a jQuery Mobile HTML5 app. Powered by and the modules is powered by.



Getting Started

pip install tawq
tawq start my-presentation
cd my-presentation
# assets data slides tawq.yml
tawq run


The primary configuration file for tawq is called tawq.yml. An example tawq.yml will be created automatically for you by the tawq start command. The configuration will be used to generate an index.html for your talk that includes the necessary JavaScript files and a link into your first slide.

index.html options

  • title: Title text (will be put in <title> and an <h1>)
  • subtitle: Optional subtitle text (will be put in an <h2>)
  • authors: List of one or more author blocks. Each author should have name and affilation defined.
  • first-slide: The slide to link to in order to start the presentation.

Build options

  • version: Optional version number for your talk.
  • dest: Destination folder for the built talk.
  • keep-src: Don’t delete the intermediate staging directory directory and AMD modules created during the build (by combining your talk slides with assets in tawq).

Slide Configuration

Each slide is defined by JSON, YAML, Markdown, and/or HTML, each of which should be created as separate files under slides/. Use .json, .yml, .md, and .html as extensions for each of the formats, respectively. Use subfolders to group related slides. If you define both a YAML and a JSON configuration for the same slide, the YAML will be used (after being converted to JSON). If you define both Markdown and HTML, the HTML will be used.

Each slide configuration can define the following attributes:

Basic Content options

One (and only one) of the following should be defined:

  • markdown - Markdown to be rendered into HTML and used as the slide content. This can be defined in a separate .md file with the same name.
  • html - Raw HTML to be used as the slide content. This can be defined in a separate .html file with the same name.
  • url - A URL to an external page to use as the slide content (via an <iframe>). The url will be desplayed at the bottom of the slide.
  • image - An image to display at full height (default) or full width.
  • bullets - A list of bullet points (defined as an array) to use as the slide content. It’s usually more flexible to use markdown for this. (Also, slides full of bullet points are boring)

Advanced content options

  • hide-url - Set to true to turn off the url display.
  • image-wide - Set to true to use full width mode for the image
  • two-column - Split the slide into two blocks. The value of this should be the name of a second configuration file containing content/html to place in the second block.
  • class - CSS class to apply to the slide container div

Scripting options

  • js - the name of an AMD module to execute when the file is shown. The module should define a run() function for this purpose. The run function will be called with the slide configuration as the argument. The js file should be stored in assets.
  • delay - Seconds to wait before executing the script


Rather than ordering alphabetically, every folder (including the root) should have an index.yml or index.json. This file can also be used as a normal slide, but should have an additional order attribute listing all of the other slides in your preferred order. If the order attribute does not list the index itself it will not be included. If you do not add an order attribute, the slides will be ordered by whatever Objects.keys() decides is a good order for the compiled dictionary.

Building the Presentation

Use tawq build to compile the presentation into a standalone web app. Use tawq run to build the presentation, run it on localhost, and display it in a web browser (intended for use while developing the presentation).

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