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tdf.extensionuploadcenter 0.15

TDF Extension Upload Center

Latest Version: 0.16a0

# tdf.extensionuploadcenter

A Plone add-on for the LibreOffice extension uploadcenter that will make the publishing of extensions for LibreOffice much easier.

## Features

- The add-on creates four content objects: Extension Upload Center, Extension Project, Extension Release, Extension Linked Release
- The Center is used for the configuration:
+ Name of the Extensions Center
+ Description of the center
+ Product description
+ Product title
+ (Product) Categories
+ (Product) Lizenses
+ (Product) Versions
+ Platforms
+ (Product) Install instructions
+ Instructions for bug reports
+ Legal Disclaimer for contributions and downloads
+ Email-Address for the optional messaging of new releases to a

- The Project contains all the necessary information about the contributor and the project:
+ Project description and details
+ Links to external homepage and documentation of the project
+ Project contact email address
+ Project screenshot and logo

- The Release and the linked Release provide fields for the necessary information for downloadable and linked extensions files:
+ Release title, created from project title and release number
+ Description and details of the release
+ Changelog
+ Release license
+ Release compatibility
+ Legal declaration for contributors
+ Optional link to the source code
+ Form fields for file upload or the links to the files
+ Release platform compatibility

- Messaging:
+ to all project owner once a new product version is added
+ to a project owner if the status of his project changed
+ to a project owner if a release was added (to his project)
+ to the administrator email if a new project was added
+ to a hub email address if a new release was published in final state

## Examples

This add-on can be seen in action at the following sites:

## Documentation

The documentation will be in the docs folder of this add-on.

## Translations

This product has been translated into

- (currently no translations)

## Installation

Install tdf.extensionuploadcenter by adding it to your buildout:




eggs =


## Contribute

- Issue Tracker:
- Source Code:
- Documentation: inside the docs folder of the add-on

## Support

If you are having issues, please let us know.

## License

The project is licensed under the GPLv2.


0.15 (2017-04-11)

- Fixed a condition for linked releases on project view [Andreas Mantke]
- Project screenshot will be displayed in large scale with a mouse click [Andreas Mantke]
- Improve the messaging for new projects according to the review status. [Andreas Mantke]
- Remove two not necessary i18n-domain declarations [Andreas Mantke]
- Fixed typo in the add on extension command in [Andreas Mantke]
- Fixed issue in command for listing of projects of current user [Andresa Mantke]
- Fixed listing of eupreleases and linked eupreleases and the display of the latest
final (linked) release on the project page [Andreas Mantke]
- Update localisation template and localisation into German [Andreas Mantke]

0.14 (2017-03-02)

- Add a displayed title to the further file upload sections of a release [Andreas Mantke]
- Create a fieldset for every further linked file of a linked release and the associated fields [Andreas Mantke]
- Add an index for the project contact address to the portal catalog [Andreas Mantke]
- Add a field for uploaded project documentation and display it, add more translation tags
to project view [Anddreas Mantke]
- Update localisation template and German localisation [Andreas Mantke]
- Improvement for the error messages and instructions on eupprojects [Andreas Mantke]
- Better error messages on eupreleases and linked eupreleases [Andreas Mantke]
- Fix catalog search to the Title index in case of special () characters [Victor Fernandez de Alba]
- Added a description to the install instructions field and removed the default value (text) [Andreas Mantke]
- Add guard in case that a malformed query was entered, return empty record [Victor Fernandez de Alba]
- Update localisation template file and German localisation [Andreas Mantke]

0.13 (2016-12-31)

- Fix of the header of the German localization file [Andreas Mantke]
- Fix field releated issues [Victor Fernandez de Alba]
- Fix views and project_logo conditions [Victor Fernandez de Alba]
- Fix templates responsive classes and use the Bootstrap ones [Victor Fernandez de Alba]
- Fix optional fields for additional file fields marked as required [Victor Fernandez de Alba]
- Add categorization behavior to the custom contenttypes [Victor Fernandez de Alba]
- Unify the license list [Victor Fernandez de Alba]
- Fix search issues in templates [Victor Fernandez de Alba]
- Fixed a typo [Samuel Mehrbrodt]
- Add support for querying the release compatibility version of inner releases from projects [Victor Fernandez de Alba]
- Set the max length of a release name/numbering to twelf [Andreas Mantke]
- Display the specific file name for each downloadable file [Andreas Mantke]
- Add the file names next to the download arrow for the current release [Andreaas Mantke]
- Fix of fieldset and migrate it to model from plone.supermodel [Andreas Mantke]
- Spellcheck fix in [Andreas Mantke]
- Update of localization template file and of the translation into German [Andreas Mantke]

0.12 (2016-09-08)

- Fix and add some more localization tags.
- Fix of ressource registry css URL [Victor Fernandez de Alba]

0.11 (2016-09-02)

- Update localisation template and translation into German [Andreas Mantke]
- Fix and add some localization tags [Andreas Mantke]
- Spanish localisation [Adolfo Jayme Barrientos]

0.9 (2016-08-28)

- Adding German localisation [Andreas Mantke]
- Update of localisation template file (*.pot) [Andreas Mantke]
- Fixes for localisation tags [Andreas Mantke]

0.8 (2016-08-20)

- Adding file extension validation for linked extension releases [Andreas Mantke]
- Adding image extension validation to project module [Andreas Mantke]
- Adding file extension validation to release module [Andreas Mantke]

0.7 (2016-07-05)

- Shorten boolean testing expressions [Andreas Mantke]
- CSS list style optimisation and style fixes [Andreas Mantke]
- PEP-8-Fixes [Andreas Mantke]

0.6 (2016-05-28)

- Adding a file [Andreas Mantke]

0.5 (2016-05-25)

- Updated the translation template file [Andreas Mantke]
- Added a missing closing div to the project view [Andreas Mantke]
- Added a validator for the release and linked release name uniqueness and it's adapters [Andreas Mantke]
- Changed the compatibility list in the project view to a text line [Andreas Mantke]
- Removed an obsolet div from the project view [Andreas Mantke]

0.4 (2016-05-21)

- Reordering of the project view template [Andreas Mantke]
- Removing the navtree from project and releases view [Andreas Mantke]
- Update of strings in the internationalisation template file (*.pot) [Andreas Mantke]

0.3 (2016-03-10)

- Add of [Andreas Mantke]
- Removed doubled directory of tdf.extensionuploadcenter.egg-info [Andreas Mantke]

0.1 (2016-03-07)

- Initial release  
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