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temp-mail 0.2

Wrapper for online service which provides temporary email address:


Python API Wrapper for service. Temp-mail is a service which lets you use anonymous emails for free. You can view full API specification in


requests - required.

simplejson - optional, for a serious speed boost in JSON decode.


Installing with pip:

$ pip install temp-mail


Get all emails from given email login and domain:

from tempmail import TempMail

tm = TempMail(login='denis', domain='')
print tm.get_mailbox()  # list of emails in

Generate email address and get emails from it:

from tempmail import TempMail

tm = TempMail()
email = tm.get_email_address()  #
print tm.get_mailbox(email)  # list of emails


0.2 (2013-08-20)

  • Improved readme
  • Created github page
  • Improved docstrings for class methods
  • Some minor fixes

0.1 (2013-08-18)

  • Initial release
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temp-mail-0.2.tar.gz (md5) Source 2013-08-20 3KB