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testhttpserver 0.1.4

A HTTP server to use for testing

Test HTTP Server

This is a simple HTTP server that will respond to a single HTTP request and
record some of the data. It is still an early version and doesn't do
everything you probably want.

[![Build Status](](


pip install testhttpserver

Using in your tests

To create a test server import the server

from testhttpserver import Server

And then create a new instance including the port, response status and

server = Server(8000, response_status=200, response_content='Content')

After you make your request to http://localhost:8000/ . If you POST to the
server it will have ``request_headers``, ``request_content``, and
``request_path`` available.

When you are done remember to ``join()``!


See ``tests/`` for an example!

Server Parameters
port - The port the server will listen on

response_status - int of the status to return

response_content - string of content to return

response_headers - a list of tuples to return as headers

timeout - number of seconds before the server timesout and returns  
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testhttpserver-0.1.4.tar.gz (md5) Source 2012-12-06 2KB