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tf-latino 0.0.5

TextFlows Latino text mining module

# TextFlows Latino Module #

A [TextFlows]( package which contains text mining widgets (UI components) based on [Latino]( The package can also be used with [ClowdFlows]( 2.0.

[![Documentation Status](](

Currently, the project contains several components for text preprocessing: tokenization, stop word removal, lemmatization, part-of-speech tagging, etc.

## Installation, documentation ##

Please find installation instructions, examples and API reference on [Read the Docs](

## Note ##

Please note that this is a research project and that drastic changes can be (and are) made pretty regularly. Changes are documented in the [CHANGELOG](

Pull requests and issues are welcome.

## Contributors to the tf_latino package code ##

Matic Perovšek (@mperice), Matjaž Juršič (@mjursic), Miha Grčar (@mgrcar)

  • [Knowldge Technologies Department](, Jožef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana
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