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tfatool 2.5.0

Tools for synchronizing files to/from and configuring the Toshiba FlashAir wireless SD card

TFATool: Toshiba FlashAir Tool

This package provides easy access to Toshiba’s FlashAir wireless SD card. As a library, a simple abstraction of the FlashAir API is provided. As a set of scripts, tfatool the user is given a way of synchronizing/mirroring files and configuring the device from the command line.

Package contents at a glance

  • flashair-util: a command line tool for mirroring and listing files on FlashAir
  • flashair-config: a command line tool for configuring FlashAir
  • tfatool.command: abstraction of FlashAir’s command.cgi
  • tfatool.upload: abstraction of FlashAir’s upload.cgi
  • tfatool.config: abstraction of FlashAir’s config.cgi
  • tfatool.sync: functions for synchronizing local dirs with remote FlashAir dirs

Command line usage at a glance

  1. Monitor FlashAir for new JPEGs, download to ~/Photos

    flashair-util -s -d /home/tad/Photos --only-jpg

  2. Monitor working dir for new files, upload to FlashAir

    flashair-util -s -y up

  3. Monitor a local and remote dir for new files, sync them

    flashair-util -s -y both

  4. Sync down the 10 most recent to a local dir, then quit

    flashair-util -S time -d images/new/

  5. Sync up all files created in 1999 and afterwards

    flashair-util -S all -t 1999

  6. Sync down files created between Jan 23rd and Jan 26th

    flashair-util -S all -t 1-23 -T 01/26

  7. Sync files (up AND down) created this afternoon

    flashair-util -S all -t 12:00 -T 16:00 -y  both

  8. Sync files up created after a very specific date/time

    flashair-util -S all -t '2016-1-25 11:38:22'

  9. Sync (up and down) 5 most recent files of a certain name

    flashair-util -S time -k 'IMG-08.+\.raw' -y both

  10. List files on FlashAir created after a certain time

    flashair-util -l -t '1-21-2016 8:30:11'

  11. Change FlashAir network SSID

    flashair-config --wifi-ssid myflashairnetwork

  12. Show FlashAir network password & firmware version

    flashair-config --show-wifi-key --show-fw-version


See for complete documentation.

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