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tgapp-googlePlusAuth 0.0.2

Google Authentication for TurboGears2

Latest Version: 0.0.4

About googleplusauth

googleplusauth is a Pluggable application for TurboGears2.

It aims at making easy to implement authentication and registration with Google in any TurboGears2 application.


googleplusauth can be installed both from pypi or from bitbucket:

pip install googleplusauth

should just work for most of the users

Plugging googleplusauth

In your application config/ import plug:

from tgext.pluggable import plug

Then at the end of the file call plug with googleplusauth:

plug(base_config, 'googleplusauth')

You will be able to access the plugged application at http://localhost:8080/googleplusauth.

Googleplushaut Helpers

googleplusauth provides a helpers which will automatically generate the buttons and the javascript required to let your users log into your application using Google:

  • h.googleplusauth.login_button(client_id, scope=None, data_cookiepolicy=None, img_btn_login=None, remember=None)

    Places a login/registration button, automatically creates a new user if he never logged with google, otherwise simply logs him in.

    The client_id parameter is

    The scope parameter is the permissions that the application will ask to google. By default those are only For more scope:

    The data_cookiepolicy parameter indicate the domains for which to create sign-in cookies.

    The img_btn_login parameter indicate the button image url.

    The remember parameter can be used to log the user with an expiration date instead of using a session cookie, so that the session can last longer than the browser tab life.

This is the html of the button, if you want customize the button style:

<div id="button-container">
    <div id="google-login-button" style="cursor: pointer;" onclick="perform_google_login()">
        <img id="img-login" src='%(img_btn_login)s' alt='Google Login' />

Available Hooks

googleplusauth makes available a some hooks which will be called during some actions to alter the default behavior of the appplications:

  • googleplusauth.on_registration(google_response, user) -> Runs when it is registering a new user from google

    login, permits to add or modify additional data to the user.

  • googleplusauth.on_login(google_response, user) -> Runs when user perform google login,

    permits to update the user data.

Google Id and Profile Picture

Users will have a new related entity called googleplusauth. Accessing user.googleplusauth it is possible to access the user user.googleplusauth.google_id and user.googleplusauth.profile_picture and more.

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