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tgext.langdomain 0.0.1

TurboGears2 extension for detecting user language from the domain

About tgext.langdomain

tgext.langdomain is a TurboGears2 extension that supports detecting the user language from the domain it is connecting from.


tgext.langdomain can be installed from pypi:

pip install tgext.langdomain

should just work for most of the users.


To enable tgext.langdomain put inside your application config/ the following:

import tgext.langdomain

or you can use tgext.pluggable when available:

from tgext.pluggable import plug
plug(base_config, 'tgext.langdomain')


langdomain will force the language of the current request based on: Top Level Domain, SubDomain and param unless there is already a language stored into the session.

By default none of those behaviours is enabled

When plugging langdomain the following options to turn on behaviours are available:

param -> Name of the GET param used to force language, True means lang.

tld -> Dict of tld that map to a language


plug(app_cfg, 'tgext.langdomain',
       'com': 'en',
       'it': 'it'

subdomain -> Dict of subdomains that map to a language


plug(app_cfg, 'tgext.langdomain',
       'en': 'en',
       'it': 'it'

When requests are performed like it will lookup it inside the subdomain dictionary and net inside the tld dictionary.

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