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tgext.utils 0.0.3

Collection of utilities for TurboGears2

About tgext.utils

tgext.utils is a collection of utilities for the TurboGears2 web framework.


tgext.utils can be installed from pypi:

pip install tgext.utils

should just work for most of the users.

CSRF Protection

tgext.utils.csrf provides two decorators @csrf_token and @csrf_protect which generate a CSRF token for inclusion in a form and check that the token is valid.

The user must apply @csrf_token decorator to the action that exposes the form, and put an <input type="hidden"> into the form with a request.csrf_token as the value and _csrf_token as name:

def form(self):
    return '''
    <form method="POST" action="/post_form">
        <input type="hidden" name="_csrf_token" value="%s">
    </form>''' % request.csrf_token

The action that receives the form must have @csrf_protect decorator, no particular action or check is required on this action:

def post_form(self, **kwargs):
    return 'OK!'


tgext.utils.meta.metatags provides a convenient way to generate common meta tags for a web page.

In lib/ add:

from tgext.utils.meta import metatags

Then in your pages:

${h.metatags(title="pagetitle", description="Page Description", image="http://url/myimage.png")}


tgext.utils.slug provides a way to generate slug for your page

to generate a slug use:

from tgext.utils.slug import slugify
myslug = slugify(model_id, string_to_be_inserted_in_the_url)

to get the id from a slug use:

from tgext.utils.slug import slug2entityid

Storage is a tool for storing files into /public dir in separated folders.

from import store

filename = store(ufile)  # ufile is an instance of cgi.FieldStorage

file is stored inside /public/storage/${uuid1} folder thus also accessible using internal tg file serving.

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