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tgmigrate 0.2

sqlalchemy migrate command

tgmigrate is an turbogears command extension which provide sqlalchemy migrate support.

The early version of tgmigrate gives turbogears developers a quick evaluation if sqlalchemy migrate is helpful for us.

easy_install tgmigrate


After install, tgmigrate plug an "migrate" command into tg-admin console utility.

The basic syntax is ::

tg-admin migrate [command]

tgmigrate takes care the dburi and repository name for you.

The reference procedure is:

1. quickstart project as usual::

$ tg-admin quickstart -i -s demo

2. setup sqlalchemy dburi in demo/dev.cfg

3. create initial database

$ tg-admin sql create

4. create repository "migration"

$ tg-admin migrate create

note the default repository folder named "migration" is created in your project folder.

5. move your database to version control

$ tg-admin migrate version_control

or briefly::

$ tg-admin migrate vc

6. Now you could watch the current version in both database and repository

show repository version::

$ tg-admin migrate v
(tg-admin migrate version)

show database version::

$ tg-admin migrate dbv
(tg-admin migrate db_version)

then follow the migration doc to do the further stuff.

Please post your comments or suggestions on TurboGears google group

You could use::

$ tg-admin migrate help

to get all available commands and help

The available commands are

$ tg-admin migrate [command]

command = [
File Type Py Version Uploaded on Size
tgmigrate-0.2-py2.4.egg (md5) Python Egg 2.4 2006-12-11 6KB